Energy Crisis: These 10 Gadgets Can Save Us A Lot of Money Every Month


In the wake of an autumn and a winter that looks rather “salty” in terms of gas and electricity bills, technology tries to meet us, focusing on truly smart products but above all making energy efficiency a reality.

Saving Gadgets, 5/9/2022 –

Many gadgets ranging from savings presented at IFA 2022 All balances, a type of “smart valve” implemented in thermostats that will reduce consumption by 20 percent, indicating times of the day when energy consumption is low. You can buy it Click here for 103 euros on Amazon. Focus on the new eReader Kobo Clara 2E, defined as the most eco-sustainable on the market. 85 percent is made from recycled plastic, 10 percent of which is potentially destined for the ocean. It measures 6 inches, is waterproof, equipped with wireless technology and will be available from September 22 for 149.99 euros. AEG also pays attention to savings and eco-sustainability thanks SofWater and PowerClean technology. In the first case it will be possible to purify and soften the water, in the second case it will remove 59 different stains in just 59 minutes even at a temperature of 30 degrees. is clearly noteworthy Haier’s Washpass scheme, which allows you to buy a latest generation washing machine by subscription: you choose the number of weekly washes and pay accordingly. On the other hand, focus on Siemens smart kitchen dock, Optimize stove usage with a tablet-shaped docking station capable of operating via voice commands and gestures.

Saving Gadgets, 5/9/2022 -
Saving Gadgets, 5/9/2022 –

10 tech gadgets to save on bills at IFA 2022: A look at the Bosch sink

Solitaire Waterbase Instead, it is the intelligent Bosch sink: it is equipped with a glass touch display near the sink that only turns on during operation and then remains invisible. Also, a flat surface with a worktop can be created under the tub. Let’s go back to talking about washing machines, but this time from Samsung and precisely Bespoke AI which uses a system of proprietary algorithms that transforms detergent into bubbles that are quickly absorbed by the cold water in the laundry, reducing consumption by up to 70%. Chef @ Home Series Instead it’s the Smart Oven, actually a personal assistant that meets the customer’s needs thanks to AI and a dedicated app; It can recognize the inserted food, set the parameters accordingly and control the cooking process autonomously. We are off with Nokia And recently announced three new smartphones G60 5G, C31 and X30 5G, starting with the latter, defined as the most “environmental” ever produced. It’s a device that can be purchased via subscription, paying a monthly fee and getting an incentive to use it as long as possible.

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