Esports owner wanted for drug problem


of the world sport It has grown tremendously in gaming, with many well-known teams around the world and also entrepreneurs willing to invest in the business. However, this sector is not without controversy, and now, the owner of a popular brand, has been charged by the police due to a serious crime with the substance.

Bernard “Brain” ChongAn app entrepreneur and team owner Brain EsportsPhilippine authorities allege P1.87 billion ($33 million USD) as part of a drug bust manila.

National Bureau of Investigation A search was launched after it was discovered Chong One of the owners of a shipping company accused of trying to import “shabu” (methamphetamine) through an international container port. manila In 2019.

Bren Esports is a major Philippine esports organization featuring professional teams Overwatch, A team of legends y Counter strike . Founded in 2017, it has won 34 tournaments in its various games and has a huge following on social media. And now the reputation of the players will be at risk in this controversy.

Answer from here Chong:

Hello Twitter, As some of you may know, several news articles have been written over the past few hours about my alleged involvement in a case in my home country of the Philippines.

I am writing this twitter thread to categorically deny these claims that could destroy the good name I have cherished for so many years.

Some of you may only know me as part of the Esports community, but I’m much more than that, I’m an investor and an entrepreneur. I invest in companies/startups that I think have great potential or start on my own.

I invest in people who have great ideas, and more than that, who I see as good and talented.

Arrest warrants have been issued so far Chong For “illegal drug offences” under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. Head of its International Operations Division NBI, Joey MoranMentioning that you should accept charges to make the process a little easier.

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