EU claims: Update obligation like Pixel 6 should be extended to 3 and 5 years for everyone


Apple will have no problem with the new regulations planned for the European market. Neither does Google. This is different from many other Android OEMs, who either don’t guarantee updates at all or only for a very short period of time or for a few devices.

New ideas are now coming from EU politics. people will Create an update obligation in such a way that it compels manufacturers to provide better updates. This is especially important in the Android world, as receiving new software versions depends on who made the respective device

Manufacturers should be forced to provide 3 years of system updates and 5 years of security updates.

If mobile phone hardware is to be made more durable, a lot still needs to happen on the software side. For this reason, new rules are being introduced for European markets, which manufacturers must comply with if they sell mobile phones and similar devices here.

If at some point the relevant rules are set, it will create the equality we have been craving for years. namely providing a reliable update across all price ranges for a specified period of time. Which of course is another reason for the price increase.

Also, some brands may improve their update delivery for more expensive phones. If cheap devices are already forced to three years of new operating system updates, expensive devices would be better off updating for four or five years. So far only Samsung has done this in the Android world.

There have been criticisms, of course not all new ideas are simply dismissed. But consumers can expect that in the future everything will no longer be designed for total consumption and ephemerality.

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