Everspace 2 comes to Steam and GOG on January 18


2020 was a rough ride for the open-world space shooter Everspace 2. A Kickstarter campaign in late 2019 was very successful, pulling in nearly $620,000, but a planned Early Access release was postponed twice: Once because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then by Cyberpunk 2077’s move from November into December, which developer Rockfish Games (along with a few others) had no interest in messing with.

But with Cyberpunk now out of the way, and the pandemic clearly sticking around, Rockfish said today that Everspace 2 will finally make its big appearance on January 18. The initial Early Access release “will be good for at least 25 hours of gameplay,” Rockfish said, with core gameplay mechanics in place and English voice acting for the first 12 hours of the campaign and several side missions.

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