Everyone will want the news that the iPhone has gone out of fashion



Having an iPhone, let’s face it, still represents something that millions see as important and often sought after. Since the appearance of the first model on the market, when we talk about mobile phones, one of the first thoughts goes to this small object that cannot be done without now. Apple is closely associated with the image of revolution in the world of communication, the iPhone.

We have been used to queuing up outside the Apple Stores of the world for years, waiting for the release of the latest model launched by the American giant and the great anticipation of knowing and grabbing all the accessories released on the market as soon as possible. Apple, the parent company of the iPhone, is a true icon of our time with its timeless mobile phones.

Apple has launched new products
iPhone (Canva)

Having an iPhone always had something to do with it Status symbol, aHowever, this aspect has changed over time. For the youngest, owning an iPhone means having something “grown up”, while for many professionals, it means having a top quality smartphone. But now there’s an innovation in the Apple house that risks overshadowing the much-loved “jewel” of the house.

Foldable smartphones, Apple has also entered the market

Samsung executives seem to be making that prediction, according to a report in The Elec Apple will launch an absolute novelty in the context of its big hit. It is the first folding device, And it will not be an iPhone model but an iPad or a laptop. According to rumours Release is scheduled for 2024. The first foldable smartphones are Android, including the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip models.

Foldable smartphone
Foldable smartphone

Foldable Android smartphones are currently the world’s top model of this type, and can be said to dominate the market. 2018 entered the foldable market with smartphones Royal Flexpie, Equipped with a flexible 7.8-inch display that can be closed in half thanks to a hinge, al The price is around 1300 dollars. In the market of this model of smartphone, in recent years Samsung has consolidated itself as the number one in folding smartphones, with The famous Z seriesNow in the fourth generation.

And meanwhile the sector leader Samsung says it, announcing a great innovation in the folding device market, communicates that Foldable smartphones will replace traditional smartphones by 2025. This was reported by TM Roh, director of Samsung’s MX division, who announced that i The foldable will cover 50% of the company’s devices soldThus surpassing all other models already present.


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