Expensive ultra smartphone is Samsung’s successful device


Now and then it’s worth looking at the current statistics, which show the global market share in the smartphone world. But what should be the conclusion from this? That Apple surprisingly dominates the list with its current iPhones? Perhaps the most exciting thing is which smartphone hits the runners-up at the box-office.

Although it has been in the top four in the analysts’ rankings since April this year Counterpoint According to Apple, the competition is only visible from 5th place. However, it is not one of the most affordable models from Samsung’s mid-range family or perhaps the cheapest of the Galaxy S flagships.Which has apparently satisfied most buyers.

Instead, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra follows four Apple smartphones with a 1.5 percent market share. As a reminder, the S22 Ultra was only launched earlier this year and is the cheapest 128GB variant Available for only 1,249 euros. After the Note series is over, this is the only option for users who appreciate the S Pen stylus.

Right behind and with a market share of 1.4 percent, there is also a smartphone whose price is only a fraction. Samsung Galaxy A13 is currently available For example in MediaMarkt For just 149 euros and follows in the footsteps of a similarly successful predecessor A12. The other two Samsung smartphones in the top 10 are also from the manufacturer’s cheap A series.

Also Redmi is still in the top ten

In addition to Samsung and Apple, Redmi ranks last on the list with the Redmi Note 11 LTE.

In the monthly bestseller list, the number of 5G-enabled smartphones has risen to a new high of seven models, up from four in the same month last year. The 5G smartphones on the list accounted for one-third of total 5G smartphone sales. 5G capability is now part of the standard offer in flagships, and it is also increasingly appearing in the lower price range.

While Samsung and Apple seem to be almost identical with the four and five devices, respectively, it’s important to look at their respective market share. Apple models in the top 10 accounted for 89 percent of total sales this month, which counters Apple’s lean portfolio. With a wider and more diverse portfolio, Samsung’s most successful models come in at just 22 percent.

Are you using a smartphone from the rankings?

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