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These weeks are great news for Facebook as teams of developers work on new features. But not only that, because systems appreciated by users in the past are also being restored

Despite the boom of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Facebook A global continues to boast a rather important user. More adults, in particular, are fond of Zuckerberg’s social network for a variety of reasons. The team of developers knows this well, which is working to feed the phenomenon with changes from both the interface and perspective Practical functionality.

New Update for Facebook (Adobe Stock)

Precisely on this topic, the end July 21, 2022 A long-appreciated system is back on Facebook and sure to be used again by the most loyal customers. That’s what we’re talking aboutChronological order on home page, Thanks to the new feed tab. Here’s what you need to know about it and how to activate it now

The Feeds tab is back in order on Facebook: how to enable it

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Feed returns in chronological order (unsplash)

thank you Feed tab on Facebook, you will be able to return to view the posts on the homepage in chronological order Both published by your friends and pages and groups you subscribe to Favorites and pages of most interest can be customized and filtered at any time, to facilitate the feed section The tab can be found in Home and it is shown immediately When the hub is opened. So you no longer have to rely entirely on the Facebook algorithm to view content.

This change is part of the big news that the social platform’s development team is working on. The goal is to have more control over the content displayed. In addition to the addition of feeds, there is also a completely new name for the main tab. Now it is called home, and a part of the app designed for all those who do not want to see filtered content, but shown according to the user’s preferences and interests. The rollout has already started and, in the next few days, so will your app per iOS or Android Will welcome new updates.

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