Facebook, everything changes: The update reveals some shocking news



It was a lethal weapon in the golden age when Facebook ruled the social media world. This has not been the case for quite some time. Now Mark Zuckerberg’s former number one has overtaken his brother Instagram, which has taken root among young people, but above all by the extraordinary TikTok.

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Facebook, what’s changing here – Cellulari.it

There are many young people in Italy who consider Facebook to be the so-called social god boomer, Older or so Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the register.

A clear shift from Meta’s CEO, who has decided to divest himself of a function that for years has been one of the most effective elements in bringing users to Facebook’s (once) crowded world.

Facebook, marked a future

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Facebook – Cellulari.it

Yes, the former Free university services (Facebook was born for this purpose) is moving away from news content, preferring funny videos, resulting in tick tock Many hearts, likes, shares. And so and so announced, more to do.

From April 2023, Facebook The immediate item will withdraw its offer, infamous Instant article, an HTML document loads very quickly. which allows you to tell a wide range of stories in a customized format designed primarily for smartphones.

Originally launched in 2015, Instant Articles was designed to provide publishers with a more engaging and faster way to submit their articles to Facebook, helping to increase reader engagement within the app.

Rocket start, then that handbrake on. In later years meta It also sought to add more referral links and subscription tools as part of its ongoing efforts to better curry favor with publishers and help them use Facebook as a complementary platform to their main site. In vain. Also because building relationships with publishers is no longer a top priority.

On the other hand, this is the age of video, like it or not, probably as soon as compulsively shaking. So Facebook is adapting with time.

As reported by axios, Meta’s eventual support for Instant Articles works to better align with user preferences, who increasingly view video as the most engaging content format.

Mark Zuckerberg recently noted that video viewing accounts for 50% of all time spent on Facebook, while reels are the fastest growing content format on both Facebook and Instagram.
The Mater CEO noted that Facebook users “don’t want politics and struggle to take control of their experience on our services.”

therefore, meta Working to put more interesting video content in users’ feeds, which appear based on AI-based recommendations based on who you follow and/or who you connect with. Facebook’s future is sealed.


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