Facebook: How to find out when someone visited your profile, try it now



In the fold of social media, anything is possible. It is enough to be a bit geek, and what seems impossible, a rare obstacle that needs help, becomes a trick.

If you are an active user facebook, You may find yourself getting curious and thinking: Who viewed my social profiles? In the world, curiosity is a status, it is fashionable, most users are passionate about it. General thread of a status.

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Facebook logo – Cellulari.it

Not knowing who is checking your posts, photos and information can be difficult. Although Facebook It makes it easy for you to change your privacy settings, unlike other social media sites or apps like Snapchat, it doesn’t have the feature to see who’s viewing your posts.

No paid application required

There are many applications to be able to tell you who viewed your page facebook, But why spend money when it is not really needed?

There’s a great free method, Trick, that can show you who’s viewed your Facebook page recently, without downloading any apps or stuff.

In the source code of your Facebook page, you can see who views your profile the most. A method or technique that can be performed using any web browser on a Mac or PC works the same.

Facebook - Cellulari.it 20221014
Facebook – Cellulari.it

You need to start from Facebook wall and must log in with your account. Using your preferred browser, enter your e-mail address or telephone number and password. Once logged in, click on your name on the top right to access your profile page

Right click and click on the empty space on either side of your profile page. A small menu will appear. Select View Page Source there. A page will appear with lots of words, letters and numbers: these codes make up your profile page For most people, this page is incomprehensible.

But to easily find the code you need to use to see who views your profile the most, hold the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and then press the “F” key. Out comes the famous search, a text box where you can type “Basic chat friends list“, without putting it in quotes. Next to this code, you will be given a list of numeric codes representing your friends’ profiles.

Copy a number from the list to the clipboard. You can do this by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor over a number, then pressing the “Ctrl” and “C” keys on your keyboard together. The next step is to click on the browser’s address bar and press the “Ctrl” and “P” keys on your keyboard together to paste the number into the Facebook URL.

Normal URL is required www.facebook.com, then “/” and then the code. For example, if the profile ID number is 12345, you would enter the URL facebook.com/12345. And voila, that’s it. Just repeat this for all these numbers, and you will find the users who visit your profile the most.


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