Facebook likes one of its seasons and one of the most sought after mercato – Cellularri.it



Pessime notizie in casa Facebook. And since the official launch, one of our new seasons will be very popular.

Nel corso degli ultimi anni, su Facebook Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! We see the success of this phenomenon, even as Zuckerberg decides to implement a completely dedicated season. podcast.

facebook podcast 20220504 cellulari.it
Distanza di un anno dal lancio, Facebook ha chiudere la sua sezione dedicata ai podcast (Adobe Stock)

The results are not as good as they used to be. At the end of a day from Lancashire, join this search without the most possible caricatures of new programming services from the Internet. Dal 3 giugnothen, the next section will see the removal of the application from the web site of the social network.

Facebook podcast, the section will look like 3 times

facebook podcast 20220504 cellulari.it
It does not exclude a relaunch from the process, probably from the metavers of The Horizon (Unsplash).

Secondly how much refreshing Bloomberg News, a part of the process 3 giugno verrà chiusa ufficialmente la sezione podcast on Facebook. A mossy abbotanza attesa, visto l’inuccesso che il progetto ha avuto nel suo primo (e unico) ano di vita. But not the end, which is why the audience decides to change their audio section. Verneno infatti rimosse anche Audio e l’hub Soundbites, altre due feature su cui Zuckerberg puntava molto. For the moment resisting Live Audio Roomsan alternate version of Clubhouse.

After an annoying appreciation and appreciation of your podcast, we decided to simply simplify our audio content on Facebook. We value the functionality that we offer in the modes of pottery to concentrate more meaningful experiments.”Ha dichiarato la portavoce dell’azienda Adelaide Coronado ai microfoni di The Verge.

But what is this all about? Alcuni specializes in generalizing the trend of audio stia and calamity on their social network. The boom is still the same between 2020 and 2021, but even more so as Twitter, Telegram and Amazon have already deducted lancito seasons. Not to mention that Facebook abbot decides to keep up with the podcast: Potrebbe avvenire un relancio nel metaverso di horizon.


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