Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg at a loss, lost billions in a short period of time



Facebook is facing one of the most critical times in its recent history. Not so much in terms of users, but in terms of revenue. According to a report by IlSole24Ore, Zuckerberg’s company will record record losses

For some time now, Mark Zuckerberg decided to make a real revolution in his empire. Facebook It was rebranded to Meta, with a clear reference to the Metaverse and everything connected to it. Also with significant updates to the chain Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The latest news is the imminent arrival of unique avatars on the messaging platform.

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A coup that would bear fruit especially in the years to come, when Web 3.0 It will be kept in a certain way. In the meantime, however, Zuckerberg himself has had to deal with significant financial problems. As reported by IlSole24Ore, in fact, the American company will be registered last month Record loss: We are talking about billions of dollars.

Meta fails to launch: Disastrous numbers for the company

Meta 20221027 cellulari.it
Meta Zuckerberg (Adobe Stock)

There is talk of record losses Mark Zuckerberg is per meta. A failure perhaps not expected and which may even lead Facebook’s CEO to revise his priorities. Is it really worth betting everything on the metaverse? Will investments change the plans of companies and users? Only time will tell an answer, but right now we have record losses to contend with. IlSole24Ore took care to report the news, according to which the last few months of data triggered Alarm bells.

they are good 9.4 billion dollars in losses In just nine months. The department is concerned Reality Labs Meta, that is the beating heart of the Metaverse. A bet on which Zuckerberg has decided to bet practically everything, and so he should continue to do so for years to come. Headings on stock exchanges Lost more than 20% After market. A situation that worsens in a context that is not easy in itself, considering that since the beginning of the year has been -61%. Bad number, which is cancelled 550 billion market cap.

At the level of tech leaders in general, Meta is currently one of the most penalized companies. We’ll see if that changes in the future, of course, and Zuckerberg can smile again. Maybe when Web 3.0 really takes hold in everyone’s daily life, be it at work or just for leisure.


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