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our profile Facebook is not secure? In fact the meta is in the process of changing it Platform by removing some entries from the account, And it’s not even a situation that will change in the future: here are the changes the company will make next.

The application is safe, but up to a certain point – Computermagazine.it

FB account in danger? No, it’s actually Meta’s decision

The real thing is Facebook Going through an uncertain period, where many users have claimed to have lost an unspecified amount of data related to their accounts, Meta is planning to make some changes to detection.

In particular, he wants to reduce Personal Information Visible, such as religious preferences, policies, addresses and any user’s sexual orientation, the changes will take effect on December 1. But given that this is a completely unexpected change, what will it be?

Meta wants to help us: He has already seen everything

Facebook, now the most sensitive information will not be shared: the omission here is great
Facebook takes a very special approach – Computermagazine.it

Perhaps nothing serious about using the platform, aside Reduce scrolling – which would arguably be faster – and make little changes to the page interface. Moreover, this decision was taken especially to protect the privacy of the users more secure Facebook has also commented earlier on its choice, saying it won’t compromise the service’s usability:

As part of our efforts to make Facebook easier to navigate and use, we’re removing a handful of profile fields: interests, religious views, political views, and address. We are sending notifications to those who have filled out these fields, informing them that they will be removed. This change does not affect your ability to share this information about yourself elsewhere or on Facebook

From the following Official statement We understand that he doesn’t want to censor and much less block the possibility of user interaction, he wants to simplify the platform to make it more attractive to the eyes of new and old users. What is the best way to do it?

We’d say it’s a rather risky move, even for those who tend to use Facebook for a long time and don’t really seem to make sense. Despite the information mentioned, it might actually be a good choice to revive the site Instagram o TwitterFor example, more popular because of their high reputation.

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