Facebook, pay attention to this detail: secret messages are hidden



Did you know that Facebook has a section where certain messages are hidden? We recommend you watch it now, because you could have missed important conversations

Despite the explosion of other social networks such as TikTok or BeReal, Facebook Still continues to be one of the reference platforms worldwide. Every day there are millions of people around the world who decide to connect with content publications, follow their creators or favorite pages, or simply Message via dedicated service.

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Facebook has a hidden section that no one knows about and can hide important messages (Adobe Stock)

Precisely on this last point, however, it is good to know that not everything is directly accessible. Indeed, there is one “Secret” section Where hidden messages may be hidden. Few know him, but that’s where certain conversations end. We recommend that you log in as soon as possible. To find out if someone has written to you.

Facebook, access this section so you don’t miss any messages

Among Facebook’s flagship services, of course the messenger. The messaging platform is accessible for free, boasting all the major conveniences of the competition. Starting with end-to-end encryption. However, not everyone is fully aware of the potential of the service, especially in the case of apparently hidden sections. There’s one in particular that you should know, because otherwise you risk missing out on some conversation: We’re talking The hidden message.

facebook 20221115 cellulari.it
Here’s what you need to know about it and how to access it now (Adobe Stock)

It is very easy to access, both from the app iOS and Android from the browser. On smartphones, you first need to open the app and log in with your account. At this point, tap on the icon with your profile picture and a pop-up will appear Dedicated menu. Among the various options, there will also be “hidden messages”. Click on it and you’ll find all the conversations you haven’t seen. By answering clearly, they will be removed On the main screen.

Very similar speech from browser. You must first open Messenger and log in with your account if you have not already done so At this point, you’ll find the classics at the top three points which indicates the options menu. Among other things, there will also be a section dedicated to hidden messages. By doing this, you will never miss any more conversations. Even the most important ones you didn’t know were opened and started. Everything is free as always and accessible to anyone with an active account On Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.


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