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Each time, a new product forces me to say, “Wow, I need it!” Okay, maybe this will happen a little more, but this Falcam F22 quick-release mount Very easy to see and not too expensive.

The key here is that the mounting system is widely used with all components. It’s like a Lego set for camera rigs. I have to hand it over Caleb PikeSince he’s the most creative rig maker I know, it’s no surprise that he’s found it Falcam F22 system.

You have several kits available, all with a quick-release system. The goal here is not to open the screws to mount the components. Instead, use a secure quick-release mount.

They have several 1/4 20 ″ versions to get QR in a rig or cage. After mounting it, you are off and running. The mount uses a single pin that locks in one of the four available at all corners of the plate. That way, you can mount the device in any direction without worrying about the position of the plate. This gives you the freedom to use the device in different configurations without changing the position of the plate. Really pretty cool.

Lots of options

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As you can see, the Falcom F22 system comes in a variety of configurations, including cage, suction cup and handle. Some mounts have ARRI-style mounting systems to prevent twisting with dual pins. Unfortunately, they use 1/4 20 type with anti-twist pins, so they are not compatible with real ARRI mounts. We’re seeing more 1/4 20 ″ versions of it, and I think that’s a good thing, but it’ll be a bit disappointing unless it’s a standard.


They are also very affordable. For example, the Articulating Arm Retail $ 69.95And Field Monitor Mount Holder 59.95. I want to pick a few and try them out because they look so easy My accessory box is already quite full, but I think I have room for a few more. Thanks, Caleb! 3