Fall Guys: Free-to-Play Disponable Version for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch


Version The game is free From Reading friends Is Available From now on. You can download and play it on PC, Xbox console, PlayStation console and Nintendo Switch. It’s a battle royale suitable for everyone, including cross-play and cross-platform progress. Let’s review the official trailer of Season 1: Free for All:

Let’s read Description Game of Thrones from Epic Game Store:

Dive, slide and conquer the pantheon of inexperience. Is this your first time or do you already know the techniques?

Will you play alone or in a team? Fall Guys are hilarious and funny apotheosis. There is no more beautiful victory than the most ridiculous way! Wear a casual outfit and get ready. Let’s get started!

Competitive and Collaborative: Roll between competitive free-of-charge and collaborative challenges, or meet Ruzolandia with 3 other friends!

Play with friends: Fall Guys is free and supports cross-play, cross-platform grouping and cross-progression with Epic Games account.

Ever evolving content: Fun never ends with limited time events and new game modes. Each season offers new outfits, collaborations, obstacles and ways to play.

Fully Customizable: Choose from an infinite range of colors, patterns, costumes and tags.

Anyone who owns a paid version of the game will be rewarded with several Cosmetic items, Including a nickname, dog tags, regal clothing, veggie dog clothing and fisty dwarf clothing. He will also receive a free premium battle pass for Season 1.

I came The battle passed It consists of 100 levels which will unlock the next pass when all are completed. In short, we must be busy because a new job has arrived in the market.

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