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One of the most promising games ever on release P’s lieTitle style the soul Which will be focused on a particular theme, its fairy tales Pinocchio too Wooden Doll and while more of its trailers are coming out, the director of the project has revealed how long the adventure of the fictional character will be.

Choi Ji-won, This day revealed that it will land game pass It will be around 30 hours long, and that’s just for the main campaign. G-Joy Mentions that users can expect almost 60 hours doubling the game time, which is possible to add DLC Come with time.

It is worth mentioning P’s lie Well received by the media, especially those who were able to travel to the Gamescom event in Germany. Those who ensure that the control of the character is the most versatile, something like the games of the same genre where they differ Demon Souls y Elden ring.

For now, not much information has been given about it, so we will have to wait for further developments for future releases. Nevertheless, the wireless doll adventure promises to be one of the big bets of the coming year.

Note that the latter is released 2023 inside PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It comes on day one game pass console and pc.

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Publisher’s Note: Personally, I am really looking forward to this video game, because the context of the story attracts a lot of attention. I’m not much into Dark Souls, but it’s clear that this title wants to go a little further.


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