Fan assembles his own foldable iPhone



Apple is known for taking time to adapt to the latest technological developments until its products, especially the iPhone, are ready for the market. In the meantime, five years have passed since the first foldable, Samsung has four generations on the market – but no sign of a foldable iPhone in the distant future.

iPhone Fold Fan Project China 2

Apparently, this inspired a fan to screw together his own foldable Apple smartphone in clamshell format, that is, a long screen with a horizontal fold. He reportedly reused the hinges from the 2020 Motorola Razr for this.

The hobby project lasted a year

The hobby project took about a year of the hobby. The bottom half of the smartphone houses the SoC and memory, while the top half houses the battery and camera. He made everything he needed for housing himself with a 3D printer. Although he created a fake promotional video, the foldable iPhone is definitely far from the real reveal.

To be honest, I really don’t believe that Apple will continue to fulfill the desire for a foldable iPhone in the years to come. This is likely more due to the hardware challenges, but more so for the software, which will need to be carefully adapted and require its own version of iOS. What do you all mean?


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