Fans are wondering if they want a fifth Thor movie


It was released a few days ago Thor: Profit and Thunder, The latest film from God of Thunder, which has shared mixed reviews about the touch of humor. And now that there’s a window to a possible fifth movie, fans on social media are wondering if the return of the superhero will really be worth it.

Through a survey conducted by IGNUsers were asked if they wanted to go back Crimson Hemsworth In the title role, or if they want to see other Marvel franchises in the spotlight. 42.7% agreed to continue voting, and 30.6% said it was time. Thor Leave a successor.

Here are some comments from followers:

¡Spoiler Adlant!

We must see Thor vs. Hercules! Especially after that post credit scene.

Yes, directed by Kenneth Branag.

Yes, but more serious film, not more comic nonsense. With the new director!

Yes, but I think we need a more serious Thor. You have gone through a journey of self-realization, there is still more room to grow. Out of the comedy path, it’s time to bring the hammer back.

Thor is one of the only good Avengers left. So absolutely. They just need to remove the trick.

Remember, that Thor: Profit and Thunder Available in theaters.

Via: IGN


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