Fans of Stranger Things have come back to watch the series since the beginning of season 4


For weeks now, Stranger Things Its fourth season ended in spectacular fashion, with notable scenes like this Eddie Monson And its song Master of dolls. Even with this, fans don’t want to forget everything until the fifth season, which is why they have started reviewing episodes from the beginning.

According to this week’s numbers, Unknown Things4 It was the platform’s most popular show, with 188 million hours of viewing in the week of July 4-10, with the number of views declining, although season 1 saw more than 45 million hours, slightly less than other episodes of Wave 2 and 3. .

Here is the current table:


In fact, the return to the chapter has made fans appreciate the character we no longer see, commenting on the changes they want to make in networks and their potential for the future of the series. Here are some comments:

Did I restart Stranger Things from the start as soon as Season 4 ended?

Yes, I miss Will Byers a little.

I’ve finished Stranger Things, so I’m going to reboot it.

The urge to see Stranger Things once again has been growing stronger lately.

Keep in mind that all seasons of the series are available Netflix.

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