Fans of The Simpsons have an interesting theory about Rafa Gorgory



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Despite his audience being far removed, Simpson has managed to remain a series that joins trends and parodies themselves to poke fun at them. And the father-son relationship is theorized within the show itself main focus y Rafa Something completely false due to some tests.

The first thing that is established in theory is that Rafa It lacks the distinctive nose and blue hair Clancy. Instead, she has fine black hair and her mother’s nose. This may rule out the possibility of him being the father. Well, in the universe of the series it is established how similar the children are, as an example of itself Milhouse.

its hair Ralph It bears resemblance to another member of the police department Springfield, Eddie. Be together with your partner Lu, two of the only constant members of the police force. It’s worth noting that Eddie isn’t the best of the trio of cops, even though his partner has more top-notch moments in the series. Fox.

Simpson theory suggests that Ralph is not actually Chief Wiggum's son  Metro News

So the theory suggests that, at some point, Eddie had a relationship with Sarah Gregory. This is how we will be born RafaConverting Eddie In the true father. As it happens, the character and the boss are too close to each other’s houses.

All of this was denied in an episode dedicated to the future characters of season 23, revealing that a Rafa The elder took his father’s place. At some point in adulthood, his hair grew blue. So ultimately only the series writers will know what the character’s true history is.

Remember that loss Simpson Available on streaming. In particular, in Starplus.

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