Fans React to My Hero Academia Season 6


Its sixth season My Hero Academia Getting closer, as the next month of October will be chosen for fans to see the next arc adapted from the manga. And when that happens, some lucky people have the opportunity to attend early access to what’s coming with the popular franchise.

For those who don’t know, this anime hosts several live events in Japan and one of the biggest is Hero Fest. It takes place every summer and this time they were given a surprise preview. And although logically the comments and impressions are in Japanese, some users prefer shibuyasmash y xprathamx They translated the message.

According to the thread on the social network, the first episode is strong from the start, since it is not a recap or filler. For manga readers, rest assured that the premiere dives into canon content right from the start. So there is a gradual progression of history, which will please many.

According to xprathamx, the animation is “definitely a big step up from season five” and feels “more polished and clean”. This comment was shared by other followers who were able to watch the event The good thing is that there aren’t too many spoilers, since only the first chapter was screened and the rest will be released at the same time for everyone.

My Hero Academia The season 6 premiere is on October medium Crunchyroll.

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