Far Cry 6 will offer users a free weekend


on certain weekends, Ubisoft Usually by making some of their games available for free to all users, this has happened a few times Rainbow Six Siege And even with department. And now, it’s your turn Far cry 6 In the near future it will be made available to players who are interested in giving it a chance.

Through their social networks, Ubisoft declared that the latter August 4 The game will be released on various platforms to complete full game testing Day 7 of the same month. Also, the price of the title will be 60% for those who want to play permanently and the final figure will depend on the selected store.

This is a free weekend Far cry 6 It is added that the game will have some additional content, so that users can play cooperatively online. Additionally, players will be able to transfer their earned progress to the purchased version once this extensive demo is over.

It should be noted that even if the game is downloaded, it will have an expiration date, so this is not some kind of gift, but a test to convince users to buy your copy. It’s not new, because it applies Nintendo Switch This will happen with its online services and also with its demos 2 hours of PS Plus.

Remember that Far cry 6 Available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Through: Ubisoft


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