Farewell to these tech giants: Failures users didn’t expect You can’t believe it



We continue to talk about Big Tech and we will continue to do so for a long, long time. Because certain titles cannot be won in a day and equally cannot be lost in a short period of time. But (because there’s always a but) what we almost call Big Tech now might not be so “big” beneath the glossy veil of excellence.

Meta - Cellulari.it 20221101
Meta – Cellular.it

We certainly talk about big tech companies like that Meta, Apple, Microsoft And singing companies, who continue to make noise for their innovations and new products brought to market. But are these “novelties” of companies really that innovative?

judged by Quotations on Stock Exchanges Not really: the title of these companies, of which we have mentioned 3 names just for example, but the problem is not only about them, they are not exploiting this big. You want it because great strokes of genius are not expected in the future, or because strokes of genius in the recent past are not so bright.

Apple and Meta: Where is the real innovation?

Apple - Cellulari.it 20221101
Apple – Cellulari.it

Let’s take Apple for example: yes, it’s right thereiPhone 14, but to listen to the well-known, it is nothing more than a kind of “new look” for the iPhone 13, except for the Pro and Pro Max versions that certainly bring improvements in the photographic sector. So what? Can it be expected to do something big in the stock market?

Theoretically yes, if we rely on the “promise” of the future apple car And AR viewers and more, but which are still nowhere near realisation, much less commercialization on a global scale.

Meta then, to be honest, didn’t bring this big technological innovation apart from Metaverso. Yes, well, there’s WhatsApp rolling out news and additional features like there’s no tomorrow, but in the case of Zuckerberg and partners’ other social networks, and above all other projects, both innovation and transparency are missing. At least going back to talking about metaverso, Which for most continues to be a more abstract concept than impossible.

Obviously this type of analysis is not intended to be destructive for the aforementioned companies or for other companies like Twitter that were eventually acquired Elon Musk But so far it has been limited to bringing a sink to headquarters. This is only a series of crude analyzes that have the same effect on the market as the annual results of a giant like Coca Cola, which travels smoothly with its historical products and stable price stock, which, despite being considered a large market in its sector, however, it flies big. no


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