Few know the secret behind the WhatsApp: logo


The WhatsApp logo is probably one of the most common ever. We see it everyday on our smartphones and we don’t even notice it much. But do you know that there is an incredible secret behind it?

there is something App which we cannot do without. They are installed on virtually anyone’s smartphone and allow you to perform the necessary operations Among these are worth mentioning Messaging platform. Some have and some more and some less, guaranteeing the satisfaction of every need.

The WhatsApp logo actually hides an interesting secret that few people know (Adobe Stock)

Undoubtedly the absolute number one among them WhatsApp. Who installed it? They are very young to seniors, now anyone uses it to text, exchange multimedia content or even calls and video calls. A thing that catches the eye less, considering that it is “always there”, The logo of course. Do you know there is any secret behind it? Few know him.

The secret behind the WhatsApp logo, you might not know

WhatsApp logo 20221014 cellulari.it
Here’s the story behind the brand (Adobe Stock).

Created in 2009, WhatsApp Over the years has managed to build a phenomenal reputation. today it Messaging platform The most used by far with over 2 billion people having an active account around the world. In 2013 Facebook decided to buy the brand for $19 billion, a winning choice that has enriched the empire it is today. Mark Zuckerberg. The application logo must be recognized. Green and white, simple and effective colors. Full branding also includes the company name, a large icon with a small icon. The background color is green, which symbolizes WhatsApp line They are always free to communicate, with freedom in every corner of the world.

Everything is inserted into one white clouds, Which instead symbolizes the rest of the message bubble. Until 2020, the picture never changed. Then it was decided to patent two years ago 8 different icons: One for iPhone, one for Android, one for web and more The main colors were green and white. On the white horizontal track we find the WhatsApp name with a green icon and Helvetica Neue font in gray-green tones. Or a gray-blue plate with a white icon and name.

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