Fewer errors: Here’s what Pixel users say about the latest update


After the launch of Android 13 in August, more and more Pixel users are waiting for the first bug fix update in September. It has now spread across the Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a and some older Google phones. But have the bugs that users complained about been fixed?

Pixel 6 series owners can increasingly confirm that battery life is back to normal and back to normal. Additionally, the devices are also less likely to overheat quickly. General system performance during operation is now nice and smooth again.

Overheating makes it appear stable and general performance is better. Now it’s smother and some UI freezes are gone.

The first Android 13 release seemed to fix overheating for me but the September update seems to have fixed my data connection issues.

At this point I can confirm that with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Latest firmware quite nearby to run. With the Pixel 6, I feel like it’s actually a bit faster. There are also positive comments about the Pixel 6a.

Recently updated. The fingerprint sensor is now perfect and works every time (where it was a mess before). Battery life is also very good now and the phone never heats up

We cannot evaluate every comment and exceptions prove the rule. But since the September update and Android 13 QPR 1 Beta 1 rollout, positive voices have grown.

Vocal critics and bug-ridden users seem to be outnumbered for now.

It’s a very good timeFinally have your own hardware in control. Google is just two weeks away from launching the Pixel 7 series, and the devices will be available to the public in mid-October. It is gratifying that fundamental errors have now been eliminated, so that, for example, the new Tensor G2 processor starts as error-free as possible.

All in all, the Pixel 6 series has had a bit of a rocky road. Google broke new ground with the hardware and you could tell from the first generation. But the bottom line is that it’s gone pretty well to get rid of the mistakes it made.


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