FIFA passes 2K? The response from Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two


2K string an agreement to receive the official license FIFA? The episodes in the circus circus are reverberating differently, but the separation between FIFA and Electronic Arts is still officially confronted. The proposal was made by Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the company Madre Take-Twothat he mentioned the fact that there was an interest in promoting the sporting titles in general, but that at the moment there was no “piano” that could be considered a possible “FIFA 2K”.

For those who follow the ultimate, the record of Electronic Arts and FIFA will conclude with FIFA 23: the first game of the series and intuitive EA Sports FC from the annoying process. In addition to the fact that FIFA has officially agreed to the first part of the license, with the first giochi nati con agreement with the latest part of this game, we believe that the 2024 è will be the first simulator of a new gioco. But at the moment I don’t know what to do.


Many times in many times we associate the future of the brand 2K, given that the portfolio of companies includes other sports games. The CEO of Take-Two Zelnick is not the only one who has so many questions, I agree to ask for the company no.espandersi con altri titoli sportivi.

“We are really interested in exploring our new sport and FIFA has a great adventure and an incredible influenza, but we are not aware of any discouragement”, affirms Zelnick.

“We know [che la licenza FIFA è disponibile] e tendiamo a essere semper attenti ai nostri affari. We want to develop our sports activity and not give up too much at the moment “.

Even if there is a problem in the course of probability if you find the portal chiuse, it is natural that Zelnick does not prescribe any more questions. In this case, C’è and Take-Two are one of the pooch companiments that can be effectively permitted with a license like the one in FIFA, although it has a great experience with sports titles.

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