Film Friday: Large Format Scan from Marcus Hofstater’s Super-Large Format Scanner Reconstruction


Left: A crop Hofstätter of the first scan made with its large format scanner. Right: The scanner mentioned above is taking the entire rear part of his hatchback.

Last week, we shared the first part of a two-episode series featuring large format photographers. Marcus Huffstator Shared how he revived a 73kg (160lb) ultra-large format flatbed scanner in three months so he could scan his large-format photographs in the utmost detail. This week, for the second part, we are sharing the results of his scanner

After three months of painstaking revival, Hofstätter finally turned up and turned on its screen Cézanne EFT-S5500 scanner. Putting all the hardware and software in place, the next step was to start scanning.

For the first time, Hofstätter scanned a 30cm x 40cm colloidal weight plate shot in a very large format camera with a Voigtlander Heliar Universal 360mm F4.5 lens. As you can see from the shot below, the scan turned out to be amazing, especially with the ridiculous level of detail around the eyes.

A 30cm x 40cm colloidal weight plate photograph scanned with a 73kg (160lb) ultra-large format flatbed scanner. Click to enlarge.

Hofstätter notes that there is some science in ensuring that large reflective scans do not bleed lightly into the scanner, but with the exception of some precautionary measures, Hofstätter says “there is not much need for post-processing,” which he hopes will last for three months. Spent on making behemoth.

Below is a collection of large format photographs scanned by Hofstätter on his new scanner:

You can read Hofstätter’s Full blog post And see more photographs behind the scenes His website.

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