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Next game Hideo Kojima A leak came to light around June this year Overdose, a horror game developed by Kojima Productions, starring Margaret Qualey in the lead role. By the middle of this week, a series of reports began circulating indicating that the first images of the title had already been leaked. now, Today, a video shared in advance gives us a great Check out this installment.

The video in question shows us Qualey’s character wandering around an abandoned facility and ends with a jumpscare before showing “gameover”. Then “A Hideo Kojima Game” and finally “Overdose

After release Death StrandingKojima mentioned that he would love to work on a horror game. So, the possibility that development Overdose Starting around 2019. While there are no official details from Kojima Productions at the moment, The Japanese developer asked to remove the original Zune leakThis gives great weight to the information leak.

However, recent leaks have revealed that Chances are that Overdose Game Awards will be announced at the timeAnd will reach us sometime in 2023. In related topics, you can know more about its leaks Overdose Here. Similarly, Kojima declined the offer to purchase the production.


Editor’s note:

Overdose This could be the horror game Kojima has always wanted to make. after silent hill, it’s clear that this genre was always in the mind of the developer. I just hope that this project is revealed as soon as possible, not only to stop all the rumors, but to clarify the future of Kojima Productions.

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