Final Fantasy 15 Initially in Edoসs Montreal, the Davis ex team was in development.



In an interview recently published by True Achievement, former industry director Dr. Idos Montreal Revealed that the team was initially tasked with starting it Development From Final Fantasy 15 By Square Enix, the work goes into the internal study of the Japanese department before starting.

“We tried to work on Final Fantasy 15,” he explained Jonathan Jack-Ballett, former art director Deus ex-team, “Then they decided to take the development to Japan – which I still think was a mistake, but it’s true. Our project was really, really good.”

The matter has not been investigated and there is no way to understand it Up to what point Development in Idos Montreal has continued, or if some of the work performed by the Western team has been restored, used, or transferred directly to the building, it has been developed by an internal team from Japan’s Square Enix.

What is certain is that Final Fantasy 15 went through a very complex evolution, with various changes in style, concepts and content, so it cannot be ruled out that Eidos Montreal had to do with the public, as well as the materials released with the first editions of the game.

Jack-Ballet’s statement could also confirm an old rumor that surfaced in 2018 from the YouTube channel SuperBunnyHop, which revealed that Eidos Montreal had “some artistic elements and game design projects in a super secret office”, which was supposed to be a love triangle. One of a kind “Space Opera RPG” and other elements that may actually be related to Final Fantasy 15.

If nothing else, it shows how the use of Western teams in Square Enix has always been rather eclectic and surprising, perhaps too much, so that we can now expect a clear shift in the direction of Idos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal. Embracer Group is sold. We recently learned that Final Fantasy has sold 15 10 million copies.


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