Finally Color: Keep Calm Light Wings brings the FX series to ARGB fans


Celebrating the 20th anniversary, Stay Calm is finally firing off colorful RGB fireworks with the FX series. At launch, there will be three products that will be factory-equipped with colorful Light Wings ARGB fans – including a case, water cooling and air cooler.

As for the FX series, keep calm Three products Caught that is already in the market and therefore not completely unknown. Admittedly, they are above all Light Wings Lüfter in the spotlight, but minor fine-tuning has also been done. But best of all: the entire FX series will Until the end of September with a good discount Buy – more details at the end of the article. 🎉

Pure Base 500FX

Let’s start with a brand new one Pure Base 500FX, which is based on the Pure Base 500DX, which has been available since 2020. The two ARGB strips on the front of the case now have three 120mm light wings (max 1,700 rpm) and the rear has one 140mm light wings (max 1,500 rpm). with Four pre-installed, colorful fans So the RGB party is off to a good start. Optionally, two more 120mm or 140mm fans can be installed in the lid.

Inside there’s plenty of room for larger hardware, plus a total of 7x slots for storage drives. But a new one ARGB and fan hub, to which 6x 4-pin PWM fans and 6x ARGB connectors can be connected. Lighting can be controlled, among other things, via buttons on the front panel, but alternatively via motherboard software.

Pure Loop 2 FX

with Pure Loop 2 FX Keep Calm introduces the “spiritual” successor to the first pure loop. Compact water cooling is available in three sizes: 240 mm, 280 mm and 360 mm. In addition to the colorful Light Wings fan, there is also an advanced, decoupled fan, as a high-speed version with a maximum of 2,500 rpm. Pump with PWM control.

However, the RGB light also goes into the cooling block and surrounds the silver aluminum plate. Below is one Nickel-plated base plate, which is why liquid metals can also be used as heat conductors. There is another refill port, a smaller one, for refilling the coolant Bottle with coolant Again delivery scope is included.

Pure Rock 2 FX

The FX trio is completed by New Pure Rock 2 FX. As you can already imagine, the cooler also has a quiet light wings fan. In particular, this is 120mm high speed versionBut with a maximum of 2,000 rpm. The all black heat sink with colorful fan looks very chic in our opinion.

total Four 6 mm thick heat pipes As well as their direct contact with the CPU heat spreader Disperse up to 150 watts TDP Able to. The tower is about 155mm high and should therefore fit most (ATX) cases. The asymmetric shape of the cooler ensures higher RAM bar usage.

A decent anniversary discount to start with

Quiet FX series is now available and At reduced offer price till 30th September Commercially available (subject to availability). So the Pure Base 500FX will be available for €119.90 instead of the €149.90 RRP. The Pure Loop 2 FX starts at €99.90 (240 mm) instead of €129.90 RRP, you can get the Pure Rock 2 FX for €39.90 instead of €52.90 RRP.

Here again clearly:

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