Fire Emblem Heroes has become Nintendo’s most popular mobile game


Now many may be thinking The symbol of fire is Heroes This is an abandoned video game, but apparently it has been followed by loyal users who use the app and invest money in it. A recent report has confirmed that this is the first mobile game Nintendo Which has reached the figure of $ 1 billion earned.

The first release was in 1948 2017, FE: Heroes A free strategic RPG where users collect various characters from previous games in the series and use them to complete missions and battles. According to new information from Sensor towerHas now pulled in more than 1 1 billion in revenue, earning about $ 30 million in this 2022 cycle alone.

Note that the title is not the most downloaded of the company but rather Super Mario Run Has managed to hold on to that milestone, although it has failed to persuade users to buy the full experience. Another great success Mario Kart TourWhich has been able to bring together many characters that other titles in the ballad did not offer.

In related news Symbol of fire. A few weeks ago, leaked images of the next major game in the series were released, it looks higher than the last installment that was released. 2019. If you would like to view these captions, we invite you to click on the following Link.

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