First look at the live-action sequel to The Lion King


Such comments were made earlier Disney His live action style films would continue, precisely one of the most successful was no more or less The Lion King. And now, within its framework D23 It has been confirmed that it will have a sequel, which also acts as a prequel, since there are characters that tell a story from the past.

The movie will be called Mufasa: The Lion King, which places Simba’s father as the protagonist, with the story of how he eventually became king of the savannah. It is said that the story will be seen Rudder y of the pump It must have been the puppy Simba told the story at the end of the first tape kiara.

The film will be directed by Dr Barry Jenkins with a script of Jeff Nathanson. Aaron Pierre will give voice He’s an idiotcon Calvin Harrison Jr giving voice the stain.

Here is his statement from a few months ago:

I grew up with these characters, they mean a lot to me. I think, the work that writer Jeff Nathanson has done and come back to really help kids and people who love this property understand what it takes. Kings aren’t just born, they’re not just made. Many people have to become who they are through a series of relatable events. So from that point of view, it fits very well with what I’ve done. So I don’t feel pressure, I just want to do a good job.

its movie Mufasa: The Lion King Will be released at some point 2024.

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