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Oops! My name is Christian Scandariato. I am the main game designer Floppy Nights, A strategic card batter developed by Rose City Games. The main idea for Floppy Nights We were at the core of the games we grew up in, but we wanted to create something new and different that would help the game stand on its own by combining strategic gameplay with card strategy elements. Let’s see how it turned out!

“It simply came to our notice then Advance warBut with the card? “

Our starting point was our favorite retro game, e.g. Advance war And The ultimate fantasy strategy, With a bit of new design from In violation. A key feature in Advance war You have all the information at your fingertips, easily seeing the entire battlefield and strengthening your army to win the battle. One hand drawing of the cards is random, so the challenge behind the Jenner mix is ​​what interests me the most.

Aim for Floppy Nights Allows a player to plan a perfect turn with random action. This prevents players from planning to take more than two turns, which in turn makes the game more accessible and exciting! We also knew that we wanted the visuals to be a big draw for the game, with powerful character designs from creative director Marlowe Dobb to portray Army personalities.


Drawing from our inspiration, I decided on our first combination: having a party of unique, distinct characters with their own set of skills and the ability to strengthen your army. While maintaining accessibility, we came up with the idea of ​​a general army that uses powerful buffs and upgrade cards to introduce players to the game. This was the focus of our first army: Plants Deck.

Prototype of paper

This is where the cards come in! If there are cards in everything from action to commander, we can add unique power to each unit card, which will create more action cards. My biggest goal when creating games has always been to design things that only video games can do. Making cards from cards in a physical card game can be really difficult, but can be easily managed in digital form.

People gaming

The best thing about creating a card game is that you can test almost all of its core parts without any code. So, I took the original idea (play units, get cards, play more cards) and presented it to the team as a paper version. After a few months of paper prototyping flopiest Floppy Nights Ever since, we’ve tightened the basic mechanics and taken the code.

Mix correction

The mixing genre has come with a lot of power, as well as ideas that have not been finalized. Our focus was to blend the genres evenly, but to provide ideas that demonstrate the power of the game. We wanted to make sure Floppy Nights There was enough flexibility to create fun decks that encouraged individual playstiles, but not so complicated as to confuse players with so many options.


Being able to move units continuously was the primary concern throughout the two-year development. The Pleasters were consistently reporting that they felt their movement options were limited, or that they were drawing the whole hand of the card without any movement. The simple answer was to allow each unit to move once during their turn, but we felt that it would make the actions from the card seem less important to each turn and wanted to avoid it.

After a few months of play-tests, we land our leader unit, to create a system for commanders to create a card in the player’s hand that allows a unique movement. This gives the player the option of a very powerful card at every turn and again brings the focus back to individual, unique units. After the test, we finally got a plateau round without any reaction on the movement. Success!


By focusing on our core mechanics and always returning to our core inspiration, we’ve tried to create something unique that we hope will serve as the first strategic game for young players and a refreshing look for experienced veterans.

Floppy Nights Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S (via backwards compatibility), Xbox and PC games are out now! I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did working on it.

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Meet the Floppy Knights: Real Projection Summoned from a Floppy Disk! Strategies as Phobie and Carlton, a brilliant young inventor and his robot-arm bestie blend in with card game mechanics, square off turn-based combat. Choose your knight, spell your deck, and implement your strategy for victory!


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