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If it were a problem of only one country, it would be at least limited. If it was an Android issue, or iOS, too. The problem is that flubot has started to spread like wildfire, in both the Green Robot device and the Melafonini.

Flubut Malware – Adobe Stock

An increasingly widespread scandal that sucks the victims’ bank accounts. Sophisticated computer viruses transmit themselves via SMS like banking trojas, but unlike many malware, Flubut It has proven to be exceptionally durable, coming in waves or “campaigns” with each new design.

It disguises itself as innocent messages such as missed calls and deliveries, telling the recipient to click on the link where the spyware is hidden. It even has various variants, such as Tibet, capable of penetrating official app stores in the guise of a QR code reader.

FluBot Harms Everywhere: How to Reduce Risk

BitDefender 20220527 Cell
BitDefender, a software that seeks to neutralize Flubut – Adobe Stock

More than 16,000 FluBots have been reported Scamwatch Dale ‘Australian Competition and Consumer Commission In Australia, 2021 in just eight weeks. Now it has spread to Europe, including Italy.

Flubut Uses malware that hijacks information Credit card, Which cybercriminals use to make unauthorized purchases and drain their savings. The virus has attached a link to a website that encourages victims to download an app – no doubt users believe the app will run voicemail or track packages. Probably. None of these.

The app asks the user to access the phone’s “accessibility permissions”: users who fall into the trap will log out without having to worry twice. But Flubut It distributes an aggressive malware script that scans credit card information to extract contact lists for future victims.

First Flubut Initially it was targeted at Android users, but its owners IPhone I’m not hooking up all right now. The Apple App Store does not allow third party apps to be installed and the rules for accessing the App Store are stricter than the Android Google Play Store. However, to bypass Apple regulations and to infect victims in iOS messages Flubut They refer to users who click on malicious links on an obscure web page, which is rife with phishing scams.

BitDefender Observed its promotion and activity Flubut In Europe: April and May are hot months for flute activity. Germany, Romania, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Denmark, the first two countries even reached a combined share of 69%.

Never voluntarily accept links that appear from anywhere, and do not quickly approve app permissions unless you are sure of their purpose. FluBot can do very badly.

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