Fortnite leak reveals tons of Dragon Ball content


A new rumor this week Fortnite As it echoes, a special collaboration with the world’s most popular anime is coming in the next few months, Dragon Ball. And it’s been mentioned that it’s not just skins that will be added to the game, but also gliders, gestures, phrases and more content related to the franchise.

its user twitter, Midarado, tweeting various tidbits about the crossover, providing information on skins, in-game abilities and more. Even the game’s leading news distributor, China BR, compiled a list of what is coming to the event. Four skins are included Goku, Vegeta, Viras And an unknown character, which is likely picoro or other popular ones

Here you can check the data:

Here’s what we know about the Dragon Ball collaboration:

– 4 skins (Goku, Vegeta, Viras and a 99% female skin)

– A unique event screen in the lobby

– Many missions

– Rewards for free

– A “capsule” item in BR and Creative

– A special place codenamed “preheat”.

– Glider “Attack Ball”

It is worth mentioning Midarado Continue to provide information. Presumably, a Kamehameh will be added somehow. There’s also mention of an emote that will allow people to become Super Saiyans, but it’s unclear if that power is reserved for Saiyan skins only. dragon ball Link and how it works.

for now, Epic Games He didn’t mention anything about it. But it is possible that they will confirm this information in a few weeks.

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