Fortnite: Where to find the blue coin in Retail Row


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Fortnite week 5 is rounding out those post-holiday doldrums with plenty of new quests and challenges to fill your time. This week, aside from hunting down gnomes, players are tasked with finding a blue coin in Retail Row, granting them an extra helping of XP.

Retail Row isn’t a small place, though, so combing it without a map could prove frustrating. No worries. We’ve got the guide you need to completing this challenge as fast as possible.

Retail Row: Blue coin location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You’ll find the blue coin located on the west side of Retail Row, on the south side of the large yellow house. You’ll see a small mound of dirt with a faint glow to it. Simply hit it with your pickaxe and the blue coin will pop up. Be careful, though. The blue coin happened to disappear a few seconds later for me, so I’m not sure if I missed out on a free chunk of XP besides what the quest gives me. Make sure you walk over it to collect it before that happens to you.

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