Fossil General 7: What we know and what we want to see



A fossil Gen 6 is laid out on a picnic table.

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Fossil’s original smartwatch series hasn’t changed much over the years. The Fossil Gen 6 has been launched with traditional round faces and large pushers. Nevertheless, significant progress was made under the skin with the addition of blood oxygen sensors and new Snapdragon silicone. While these improvements were welcomed, the General 6 was still inferior to its contemporaries in several areas. But will Fossil General 7 fight any more? Here’s what we know about Fossil’s seventh-generation smartwatch and the list of improvements we’d like to see.

Will there be a Fossil General 7?

Fossil General 6 is lying outside on the right

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Thanks to its hierarchical generation-based system, Fossil’s smartwatch naming scheme has not come as a big surprise over the ages. Considering that Fossil Gener 6 was the last launch, we can safely assume that the next iteration will carry the Gen7 label.

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When will Fossil General 7 be released?

As of the release date, The Fossil Gen 5 models debuted in August 2019, almost a year after the Gen 4 lineup. Gen 6 debuted in September 2021. The evidence, therefore, points to the Q3 2022 launch for Gen 7.

What are the features of Fossil General 7?


Fossil Group relies solely on the circular body for its smartwatch lineup, so don’t expect that to change for Gen 7. Evidence of this has been found for the FCC list of models. DW14 And DW15Marked by Gadgets and wearables In April 2022. Details from the e-label indicate that both models will use round displays again.

The list indicates that the internal and external images of the devices will break the cover in July, so be safe for those official shots directly from the FCC.


Fossil General 6 rear panel profile

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We know very little about the interior of Fossil General 7 at the moment, but the FCC lists share a few key details. The Gen 7 can keep its wireless charging smart, as the Gen 6 charger will apparently land with the new watch. Hopefully, this means that the device will also retain its fast charging credentials.

Finally, if it’s really available, we’ll see the debut of Qualcomm’s rumored Snapdragon Wear 5100 SoC. There is very little evidence that the chipset will make its bow in Fossil General 7, but the symptoms are good. Both Gen 5 and Gen 6 feature new silicon from Qualcomm. If the American chipmaker announces the Wear 5100 before the release of Gen 7, the watch could be a shoe-in for the chipset. We haven’t heard from Qualcomm about the development or release of the chip, so we’ll have to wait for confirmation.

How much will Fossil General 7 cost?

Fossil General 6 Blood Oxygen

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Speaking of price. This is still the early days of the Fossil Gen 7 leak cycle, but we have a vague idea where the Fossil Group could place its new flagship watch. Gen 5 and Gen 6 have launched at $ 295 and $ 299, respectively. If Fossil Group does not load the Gen 7 with expensive technology, we expect the same price to be needed near the $ 300 mark.

Fossil General 7: What we want to see

A clear software update roadmap

Fossil Gen 6 app drawer on the table

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

It may seem obvious that Fossil Gen 7 will launch with Wear OS 3, but Google has not yet specified exactly when Wear OS 3 will turn it into previous generation models, let alone future devices. Overall, Google’s silence on the release of Wear OS 3 outside of the Galaxy Watch 4 makes us wonder when the new smartwatches will debut with the latest software version. We want further clarification from the Wear OS 3 developer release program and the company’s support plan. Considering that Fossil Group devices run pure Wear OS, the availability and development of OS will be among the more important considerations for potential buyers.

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Good battery life

Fossil Gen 6 Wear OS Settings screen

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The Fossil Gen 6 has seen an upgrade of charging speed compared to the Gen 5, it also packs a slightly smaller battery. This is the wrong way to go, despite having a more efficient chipset. During our review, Fossil General 6 lasted a full 24 hours with conservative use, and when using GPS, that number decreased. Either way, it’s almost not enough compared to the Garmin and Fitbit devices or the long-lasting Wear OS options like the Tickwatch Pro 3.

With Fossil Gen 7, we want to see Fossil Group focus on the battery life of the device. Of course, upgrading to Wear OS 3 can help, but recharging the battery isn’t something that customers will appreciate.

More accurate sleep tracking

Fossil General 6 Slip Tracking

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Lots of smartwatches track sleep and do it well, but Fossil General 6 is not one of them. In our review, Eric Zeman found that the clock often shines on moments of light sleep and restlessness – two stages that are important for understanding sleep quality, such as deep sleep and REM.

Sleep is an important aspect of measuring daily health, so having reliable data is vital for making informed decisions. We understand that the Fossil Gen 7 probably won’t be a fitness-first smartwatch, but there’s no excuse for being fundamentally wrong.

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A large display

Fossil General 6 showing display on wrist

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

We have no real problems with the Fossil Gen 6’s display, however, we would like to see some progress in this particular area. Fossil Gen 6 Gen 5 uses a 1.28-inch screen with some minor upgrades. It’s a fine display, but the big options won’t go wrong. Wear OS 3 runs like a dream on a 1.4-inch Galaxy Watch 4 display. This mark should be noticed fossils.

Upgraded water resistance

Fossil General 6 Workout App Table

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

For general use, 3ATM water resistance is OK. If you are a swimmer or snorkel, you cannot feel comfortable with the shallow rating of Gen 6. We’d like to see the Gen 7 upgraded to the 5ATM spec, in line with its contemporary, much cheaper watch and other devices in the Fossil Group stable. This isn’t a big deal, but again, if other watches in the same price range pack a good rating, why settle for a fossil?

Which upgrade do you most want to see in Fossil Gen 7?

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