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FotodioX has released a new Vizelex EF-L Adapter with a built-in Variable ND filter (ND2-256, 1-8 stops) with a geared ring. It also allows lens-camera communication for autofocus, aperture control, stabilization, EXIF data, and more. Please note that this adapter is currently NOT compatible with Leica L-Mount cameras. It currently works with Panasonic S1, S1R, S1H, and SIGMA fp cameras.

The L-Mount Alliance has been around for almost two years. Apart from premium-priced Leica cameras, Panasonic and SIGMA also released their full-frame mirrorless bodies with the L-Mount. The resent turbulent camera market situation taught us one thing – if there is one universal lens mount that somehow secures your investment yet being flexible enough to work with many camera bodies it is the Canon EF mount.

So if you happen to have an L-Mount camera and EF-Mount lenses, you probably currently use one of the available adapters from Fotodiox or SIGMA (MC-21) which retain autofocus functionality, aperture control, EXIF data, and more. The first mentioned, Fotodiox, recently announced a new EF-L adapter with a built-in variable ND filter. Let’s take a short look at it.

FotodioX Vizelex EF-L Fusion ND Adapter

The new FotodioX Vizelex EF-L Adapter allows using Canon EF and Canon EF-S lenses with L-Mount camera bodies (Leica L-Mount cameras not supported). That leaves only Panasonic S1, S1R, and S1H, and SIGMA fp in the list of compatible cameras at the moment.

The adapter features Fusion technology which is FotodioX’s term for electronic communication between mixed lens and camera platforms. The FotodioX Vizelex EF-L adapter enables auto-focus, aperture control, image stabilization, and more (with compatible lenses). EXIF and aperture data are being transmitted to and controlled by the camera. There is also a micro USB port to allow for firmware updates.

What is much more interesting about this adapter, is the built-in Variable Neutral Density (ND) filter. It can be set anywhere between ND2-256 (1-8 stops). In fact, FotodioX has a whole line of adapters branded as “Vizelex” with the built-in Variable ND functionality.

FotodioX EF-L adapter with Variable ND Filter. Source: FotodioX

The strength of the ND filter is being controlled via a geared rotating ring and can be, therefore, used with follow focus. The variable ND filter is made from optical polycarbonate (CR39). Unfortunately, there isn’t a “clear filter” option so please note that the Vizelex adapter reduces light transmission by one stop when at its ‘Min’ position.

Canon solved this “slight issue” with their EF-RF adapter by introducing a drop-in filter system with a clear filter option in case you want to continue shooting with the same setup when it gets darker. With this adapter from FotodioX, you will have to adjust and find a different solution.

FotodioX EF-L adapter with Variable ND Filter. Source: FotodioX

Like other Fotodiox Pro adapters, the new Vizelex EF-L also features all-metal construction with chrome-plated brass mounts for enhanced durability and reliability.

Price and Availability

The FotodioX Vizelex EF-L Fusion Adapter is now available for purchase. The price for the adapter has been set to $300.

What do you think of this VariND adapter? Do you use an L-Mount camera and EF-Mount lenses? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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