Four Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games have been added to bring the expansion pack online


Nintendo Switch has added four more games to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive app for the online expansion pack. You can know at a glance.

Recent additions included Comic QuarterAnd The goal of the world (Leynos – Sturmanzüge), Zero wings And Mega Man: Cunning War.

Mega Man: Deadly battle Features the first three games of the popular Mega Man series compiled for SEGA Genesis! Willie’s match minions are loose, and Mega Man must defeat a swarm of robot masters to claim victory. Complete three games to unlock Willy Tower where you can challenge a new boss.

Inside Comic QuarterExperience an action game set in an environment inspired by American comics, complete with super power and intense combat action. Comics artist Sketch Turner finds himself in the comics realm – in the comic book world of his creations – and has to fight mutants to escape panel after panel.

Zero wings A classic side scrolling game developed by Toplan, the famous developer of arcade games. The cat, the leader of a band of space pirates, is terrorizing the galaxy. The pilot is the only assault left on the left of the Milky Way and uses Vulcan shots, lasers and guided missiles to stop and fight him – for great justice!

Inside The goal of the world, Crohn’s Enemy Cyborg is invading Earth and its space bases! Fight eight different levels of great mechanic platform action and customize your gear by earning gear based on your performance. Can you save the planet and unravel Kron’s real legacy?

And if you think about it, Japan has the same four headlines:

Of course, to be able to play these games on your Switch, you need a Nintendo Switch online subscription and a high-value level subscription to the expansion pack.

What do you think about these games? Have you tried the expansion pack yet? ThatYou want to comment below.

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