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Are you thinking of putting a gaming computer in the living room so you can relax and play on the TV, but don’t want a heavy, bulky case on the sideboard? Then the brand new Fractal Design Ridge in a smaller form factor might be exciting for you. We give you a brief overview of what the compact case has to offer.

While Fractal already reduced its housing this year and introduced Nano and Mini versions of the Meshify 2 and Define 7, Ridge is now making it even more compact. Because the case comes in a console-typical format, and actually only A few millimeters higher than a Sony PlayStation 5. The fractal design ridge in depth alone is a little longer, but it is stronger and can accommodate slightly larger elements.

The fractal gave the ridge a clean and crisp look. The chassis is Made of aluminum And there is a front with fabric inserts. Since it is magnetically held, it can be replaced if desired. It is very possible that Fractal Design will offer other designs or patterns in the future.

Like the PS5, the fractal design ridges Use both standing (vertical) and lying (horizontal) positions.. For example, you can place the ITX case on a desk or a TV sideboard. Different variants can be installed in enclosed footing cases. Also: PlayStation Rouse, Ridge-PC Reins. 😏

Flexible installation options!

Despite its compact dimensions of 355 x 375 x 94.6 mm (Depth x Height x Width), the Ridge is intended to offer a combination of “compatibility, accessibility and space efficiency,” according to Fractal. Therefore, there is room inside for a maximum 70 mm high CPU cooler and a Triple slot graphics card with length up to 335 mm (without SSD). The GPU can be up to 137mm wide (without top fan) and up to 82mm deep (without side fan). one KFA2 RTX 3080 The SG Fits pre-installed 140mm fan Duo (Fractal Design Aspect PWM).

Size comparison: Sony PS5 (left) vs Fractal Ridge (right)

Speaking of fans, there are a total of five posts available here. Next you can Up to two 120/140mm fans Installed, the lid is also there Three slots for 80mm fans Currently if you want to use water cooling, you can accommodate a maximum 280mm radiator on the side, but you may have to do without a dedicated graphics card. Alternatively, a combination of a 120/140 radiator and a very compact GPU would be possible.

Perforated side panels for adequate airflow

For an airflow to be possible, Both sides are perforated. This allows the graphics card, CPU cooler and power supply to suck in enough fresh air. All panels can be removed from the Fractal Design Ridge for convenient hardware installation. Incidentally, the power supply must be in SFX or SFX-L format, for example Fractal has it. Ion SFX Gold In the portfolio

Also to connect graphics card a Includes PCIe 4.0 riser. Four 2.5″ slots are available for memory, but depending on the hardware, they can be blocked. The front panel houses 1x USB-C (3.1 Gen2), 2x USB-A (3.0), 1x 3.5mm combo jack, power button and power LED.

Fractal Design Ridge is coming soon in writing Go to sales and then 129,99 US-$ Cost There is currently no euro price due to the fluctuating exchange rate, but the compact case should cost around 140 – 150 euro in this country. Not necessarily cheap, but even a PCIe 4.0 riser costs at least 60 euros individually.

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