Free Fall Guys reached 20 million players in the first 48 hours


I’m reading Finally I stumbled upon Nintendo Switch, Xbox and other platforms as free-to-play titles this week and it already seems to be paying off for developer MediaTonic. According to the game’s official social media account, the free version of Fall Guys has reached 20 million players in just 48 hours.

This was announced on Twitter:

The launch was successful but was there Some childhood illnesses However – with reports of server problems. Fortunately, these issues were fixed relatively quickly.

Fall Guys now includes full cross-platform support and full cross-play support. Here is an example of our rating:

“If you want to fight 60 hidden beans and the entry barrier is lower than before, the Switch version offers a tough game.”

Reconsideration Fall Guys – The world’s most messy game show is set to switch, now F2P.

Are you one of the 20 million players who tried out the Fall Guys when they went free earlier this week? Tell us below.

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