From now on, Samsung Galaxy will be able to benefit from the new Samsung Wallet for secure and controlled payments –


A new payment management app has arrived for the Samsung Galaxy model. It’s called the Samsung Wallet and it works just like Apple’s Counterpart (… and Namsake) wallet with the management of credit cards, ATMs, tickets and more.

Samsung Wallet, here Samsung’s Unified Payment System – 17622

Simplify non-contact payments with your smartphone, to see everything “deja vù” that will appeal to most users. Let’s talk about it WalletAnd not the other side ApplesBut new app for handling payments SamsungEspecially models Galaxy Of well-known Korean brand. Basically, top-of-the-range smartphones have apps Samsung Pay o Samsung PassYou will receive an update that will invite users to download new applications Samsung WalletReplace them both.

Samsung Wallet: A new app that integrates Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass

Samsung Wallet, here Samsung's Unified Payment System - 17622
Samsung Wallet, here Samsung’s Unified Payment System – 17622

So the goal is to make the payment easier Samsung Galaxy And direct users Use a single app Don’t get lost in the proverbial glass of water. Like Apple’s rivals, the Samsung Wallet will give you options Store airline tickets, Concert, Movies And something else, besides recording it inside, of course, Its card Credit / Payment.

Particular attention was paid to security, including encryption technology Samsung Knox Able to integrate fully with the ecosystem Smart things. Introduced full support for digital resources BlockchainThrough compatibility with some Cryptocurrency exchange Selected by the company. For security reasons, Samsung’s password manager functionality has been integrated, Samsung PassWhich allows you Save all passwords securely and conveniently Websites and applications.

Finally, they have space for their own digitization Identity documents e Driving license. At the moment this function is not active in Italy, but will soon be the same Samsung Will contact which country it will be possible to register them. New application Samsung Wallet Available to users in Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Germany.

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