From Snapchat arrives a great picture: Pixy, the selfie drone that made the video and photo –



One of the most important things we can do to help everyone is to build a drone that is very specific; The function of the instrument can have a solitary luo with the application with which it is collated, which is very straightforward. But with what caratteristhe if propone a tutti noi?

From Snapchat arrives a great little picture: Pixy, the selfie drone that made the video and photo
Ecco Pixy, the most desirable drone from ragazzi –

Durante lo Snap Partner Summitthe annual event dedicated to the civilized, la società di Santa Monica ha annunciato Pixya drone “tascabile”Projektato per essere utilizzato con il social network Snapchat. A product of the genre that is not very original, but it is very interesting to know. collegato all ‘Application per smartphone.

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Questo piccolo dispositive If present with a tasto sulla part superior who can attain one of the four quartet traits of volo preimpostateinoltre può fluttuare, orbitare o seguire l’utente. Pixy integra even due to photocamere: a viene usata per la navigazione e per l ‘atterraggiomentre l’altra da 12 megapixels to record video finishes with a resolution of 2.7K and 30fps. What else is caratteristic?

Ricarica and cost of disposable Snap

From Snapchat arrives a great little picture: Pixy, the selfie drone that made the video and photo
Come be able to see the imagery, its utility is very simple –

I video catalog attraverso Pixy Transfer and save directly to your Snapchat Memories and have access to edits, archive filters and readings later. condivisi sul social network. La batteria ricaricabile, oltretutto, permette di effettuare circa quattro voli First of all, we want to get rich completely. How much will it cost? batteriawe can tell you what it is notevole: arriva al 100% in 40 minutiquindi in poco time temporarily.

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The dimensions of Pixy are here 131.7mm x 106mm x 17.6mm For a head of 101 grams per head, but not much and 16 GB of flash memory to archive from 100 videos or 100 photos, connectivity Bluetooth e Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac a 5GHz compatibility with iOS 14 or determining smartphone Android 8.0. Record that Pixy and its accessories, purported, non sono resistant all and not devas will write to him pioggia, neve o immersion. Se vi interessa potrà essere acquistato negli Stati Uniti e in Francia, in addition to writing orders from the web site products. This time the consignment is still around for 3 months, and for a drone 230 dollari If not, the pen is probable.


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