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FUJIFILM announces the development of their wide-angle cine zoom lens FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9. Like the other lenses in the Premista series, this new Premista 19-45mm produces an image circle of 46.3mm and supports both Cooke /i technology and ZEISS eXtended Data for lens metadata – such as focus, zoom, and iris position – to be recorded during shooting. The Premista 19-45mm will join the existing Premista lenses in early 2021.

At last year’s NAB, FUJIFILM introduced its new large-format cinema zoom lenses FUJINON Premista with two focal lengths – 28-100mm T2.9 and 80-250mm T2.9-3.5. Both lenses are able to produce an image circle with a 46.3mm diameter. That is large enough to cover most beyond-full-frame sensors on the market – including ARRI’s Alexa LF or RED’s Monstro 8K.

FUJIFILM now extends the FUJINON Premista lineup on the wide end. The company has announced the development of their FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9 wide-angle cine zoom lens. Let’s take a short look at its features and specs.

Premista 2021 Lineup. Source: FUJINON

FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9 Cine Zoom Lens

The new FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9 is a spherical zoom lens. Just like the other two Premista lenses, the new 19-45mm produces an image circle of 46.3mm diameter, supporting all current large-format sensors (including the ARRI ALEXA LF and RED Monstro 8K) and film.

According to FUJIFILM, issues such as chromatic aberration, ghosting, and flares have been minimized to achieve high quality and clarity. The Premista 19-45mm has been designed to show minimal distortion, even when shooting at wide-angle focal lengths.

Premista 19-45mm T2.9 Lens tested by Andrei Austin, ACO, SOC, Associate BSC. Source: FUJINON

FUJIFILM’s coatings should maintain a neutral cinematic color tone to match with other Premista, Premier, and Cabrio lenses.

The iris features 13-blades for a near-circular aperture, which produces natural round bokeh. The new FUJINON Premista 19-45mm is 25mm shorter and 500g lighter than the other two Premista, lenses while maintaining the same build quality.

Premista 19-45mm T2.9 Lens Announced. Source: FUJINON

The lens shares the same front diameter and gear position for the focus, zoom, and iris operating rings as the other Premista lenses. This is a nice, time-saving feature, as both the matte box and follow focus won’t need to be re-adjusted when changing lenses.

The Premista 19-45mm features a back focus adjustment function that allows the lens to have its flange focal distance adjusted on location to correct shifts caused by rapid temperature changes.

Premista 19-45mm T2.9 Lens covers large-format sensors. Source: FUJINON

The focus ring has a full rotation of 280 degrees and provides smooth torque for precise focusing. Fluorescent paint is used to index marks on the focus, zoom, and iris rings, so that these settings can be visibly checked in dark environments.

The new FUJINON Premista 19-45mm will support ZEISS eXtended Data and Cooke /i communication standards for lens metadata such as focus, zoom, and iris position. This data can aid the focus puller, improve the quality of any pre-visual effects, correct lens distortion and peripheral light fall-off, and more.

Premista 19-45mm T2.9 Lens tested by Andrei Austin, ACO, SOC, Associate BSC. Source: FUJINON

Price and Availability

According to FUJIFILM, the new FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9 lens will join the Premista lineup in early 2021. The pricing has not been announced yet, but it will most likely be in the premium segment – on par with the other Premista lenses.

For reference, the FUJINON Premista 28-100mm T2.9 lens is now selling for $38.800 and the Premista 80-250mm T2.9-3.5 is available for $39.800.

Do you have any experience working with the FUJINON Premista Cine Zoom lenses? What do you think of this wide angle addition? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.


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