FUT FIFA 23, 5 new Heroes cards are coming: two from Serie A.


FUT FIFA 23, EA The new Heroes card may come with the next chapter of the sports football story.

FIFA 23 Arguably one of the most anticipated video games in the world, and has not yet been announced In fact, we’re talking about the next title of a story created over the last decade EA Sports, Which has gradually emerged on the world scene as the most popular and acclaimed football video game in the world. Also and above all because the competition, in the last 2-3 years, has done little to question its dominance in the world scene. PaceOr IftballHas done absolutely nothing in recent years and, in fact, has lost a lot of ground compared to Canadian video games.

FUT FIFA 23, 5 new Heroes cards are coming: two from Serie A.

And while we are very carefully waiting for the official announcement and all the news related to the next chapter of the world’s most played football simulator, some rather interesting news is popping up that arouses the interest and curiosity of gamers. A Leakage This is really interesting especially for those who like to play FUT And Serie A became the team.

FUT FIFA 23, 5 New Heroes: There are many Serie A.

Serie A is not the most famous league among those who love to play FUT. In the last edition, in particular, lots of Premier League and surprisingly many gamers French, Probably even a lot. Think unequally about how many times you will face Kimpembe, Benzema, Fakir, Hour Etc. well express the arrival of a leak 5 new Heroes cards in FIFA 23And 2 of these names belong to our favorite Serie A.

FIFA 23 and Serie A.

The question was reported by the leaker, who signed it himself Rabbits 1125FUT FIFA 23 will have 5 new hero cards The team has just lost its official license in another Serie A.EA seems to want to bring FUT as a hero:

  • John Arne Reese – Premier League. The Norwegian midfielder and defender who has played for Liverpool for 7 years, before playing for Roma.
  • Peter Crouch – Premier League. The English center-forward, who has played for many Premier League teams, stands in the ranks of Liverpool and Stoke City in particular.
  • Yaya Toure – Premier League. The Ivorian midfielder who has become a Manchester City legend has worn the color of the team for 8 long years.
  • Lucio – Serie A.. The Colombian central defender, who played for Bayern Munich for many years, reached the top of his career with Inter Milan in the treble.
  • Claudio Marchisio – Serie A.. Italian central midfielder, the flag of Juventus, which he has represented for 11 long years.

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