Galaxy Smartphone: How To Activate “Samsung Smart Calls” And Keep Spam Calls Away –


Thanks to the Samsung Smart Call function, you can keep away unwanted calls on many compatible Galaxy smartphones.

Who uses one Smartphone Galaxy Must have learned to appreciate “Samsung Smart Call”, An integrated function on the Korean company’s device that promises to keep Unwanted call. A growing number of events, numbers in hand, and some manufacturers have already come together to integrate special options dedicated to this purpose into their phone apps in this sense.

Samsung Smart Call feature that blocks unwanted calls on Galaxy smartphones (AdobeStock)

Smart call“It works in a very similar wayGoogle phone app And there are many locally installed Smartphone Galaxy. It is based on automatic detection technology Hiya And as the phone rings, it categorizes calls into four special categories: caller ID, not suspicious spam, suspicious spam, and potential fraud. App screen Phone Of Smartphone Galaxy It will change color to red and a special tag below the caller’s number will immediately detect that it is spam.

The user has the full power to answer the incoming call, but this classification will be effective immediately to be aware of the fact that the telephone number of the calling subject is from one. Call center Only Automatic respondent. Additionally, users will be able to block and report spam numbers to avoid receiving more calls from the same number.

How To Activate Samsung Smart Calls On Compatible Galaxy Smartphones

The Samsung Smart Call smartphone is indefinite in the Galaxy Chimate
How to block unwanted calls (PixaBay)

Since the project Samsung Smart Call Born out of a partnership between the Korean giant and Hiya and the deal will run until 2025, we expect this feature to reach a growing number of Galaxy smartphones. Regardless, you should know that smart calls have been integrated into all devices Galaxy Note 20 Forward, and therefore an integral part of both former flagships Galaxy S21 As well as the new top-of-the-range Samsung smartphones, Galaxy S22.

To check whether Samsung Smart Call Is supported by you Smartphone GalaxyJust enter the phone app, click on the three dots at the top right and select the item “Settings“You will be directed to the page dedicated to” Call Settings “where you need to activate the second item.”Caller ID and spam protection”, Licensing to use the Service in collaboration with Hear.

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