Gamedec aims to be cyberpunk Disco Elysium



There are a variety of different worlds in ‘virtualium’, the VR cyberspace of Gamedec—like farming simulation Harvest Time, where players trade the crowded streets of near-future Warsaw for a pastoral dream. I’m a long way from Harvest Time, however. I’m in Twisted & Perverted, a seedy gameworld where everyone is either too busy trying to hook up with someone else to care about my questions, or too interested in trying to hook up with me to follow the thread of my conversation. I feel like I’m trapped in horny jail.

Gamedec is short for ‘game detective’, which is someone who privately investigates crimes committed in virtual realities like these. It’s a job, and also the name of a game, based on a series of books by Polish author Marcin Przybyłek. It does have a very “translated from Polish” vibe. I think ‘gamedec’ sounds kind of silly, but then I used to think the same about ‘witcher.’

(Image credit: Anshar Studios)

I’m playing a demo of Gamedec that contains one of several cases that will make up the finished game. It begins with a CEO who wants me to figure out why his teenage son is trapped in virtual reality. The kid’s been strapped to a couch for hours, his vital signs hovering on the brink of danger. Unplugging him could be harmful, but what other way is there to log him off?


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