Get interesting crossovers for Goku and Superman fans


Crossovers are a fairly common practice these days, as are games Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Multiversus, Jump Ultimate Star, And it doesn’t just happen in the industry. Well, there are users who create artwork of their favorite characters and are now a fan Dragon Balllily superman united their respective heroes in one art.

The drawing comes from Instagram courtesy of a user known as Salvamacotto. This popular artist decided it was time to offer an interesting exchange goku y Clark Kent, so are now wearing each other’s clothes. Both carry with them a design of their own adaptation, so it will be every fan’s dream when it becomes official.

Here you can check it:

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 17.38.24

Note that this artist is a big fan dragon ball, which is why he paints characters that fill the childhoods of many present-day adults in various situations. In his day, he even did a consolidation design Android number 18 y cell In his perfect form, a result that leaves more than satisfied fans.

In related news dragon ball. Fans have developed a powerful theory that would explain black goku was present much earlier than we thought, especially in its story the freezer. If you want to know everything about the interesting story, we invite you to follow the following link for you to discover.

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