Ghost of Tsushima: patch 2.18 terminal support post-lancio, Sucker Punch ringrazia and giocatori


Sucker Punch has published Patch 2.18 di Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, with a series of modified pensate paraphernalia for the modality multiplayer Leggende and a pair of fixes for the single player. L’aggiornamento, concludes the post-lancio support Dell’s exclusive PlayStation, with glimpses of the latest developers that are currently delivering ultraviolet updates, but will continue to communicate and monitor feedback for eventual emergencies for multiplayer.

Even at the moment we are not lavishly pursuing an ulterior patch, continuing to monitor and feedback on subreddit Gotlegends from within the community and inviting messages to uckSuckerPunchProd on Twitter“, wrote the message of Sucker Punch in the foundation of all official notes of the patch, appearing to the community for the support of the Ghost of Tsushima.

We want to enrich the whole community for the incredible support and feedback from the moment of lancio. When it comes to modeling the status quo of the public from 2020, we will not be disappointed if there is a community that has more than one annoying and mesmerizing dopo, and we will not be able to find any more no confrontations about what we are doing here. !

Ghost of Tsushima, an imaginary treat from Gioco

The segito le note ufficiali della patch 2.18 in Ghost of Tsushima:


  • Corvette a bug per cue salute at a compact squad for the moment, seemingly at zero, seeing considerable as “mortal” in modality of personalization and prove incurrence, which could occasionally impeder the sblocco dell’elemento cosmetico Cuore nascosto
  • Added a significant amount of data salvage PS4 to the standalone Leggende module (transferable salvaggio console PS4). The selection of “sì” requests for imports into Leggende.
  • The ferrite condibes non annullano più l’abilità occultamento dell’assassino.
  • Added a new obituary Riempi Squad, Personalization Modal – Completely Perfect. This allows the first utterances to capture the element of Cuore nascosto in search of a distinctly different coloration that conveys a different experience in modality of personalization.

Modified aggregates:

  • All of the legendary legends for pre-financing and adaptation of Maestro della form, include the form sbloccate tramite and vantagi. If there is a problem with the Maestro della Forma, it may cause a problem with a new Vantaggio.
  • Glimpses of amulet legend possess and use vantaggi and proprietary precedence limitations agli amuleti specific ogni class, se l’amuleto legendario è legato alla class specificata.
  • The proprietary republican determination of the bombs of polva nera è stata meanativamente ridotta.
  • Arco deviant non genera more determination with the freak deviate.
  • Increases the vantaggio Munizioni a Triboli and Semi demoniaci.
  • Reduce the percentage of bombs that can be polished, increase the bomb, infuse the fresco and relax the perfumer with the vantaggio munizioni.
  • The maximum value of the proprietary repertoire determines its value by 25%.
  • The value of the property of Danny of Fucoco increased by 20%.
  • The value of the property of the Assassin’s Creed has increased by 50%.
  • The ability of the samurai Colpi has the potential to increase + 25% in the wrong way.
  • Corvette the bug for which the bombs of the polva nera not contavo to alkune sfide di mastery.
  • Correct a bug for those who miss the mission and get rid of the erratic missions.
  • Correct a bug in modalities sophistication per quinto that a Spotro morto nil breve period duopo l’ondata finale, but first of all the application of the pomegranate scarecrow, proving the need for compliant.
  • Make a big bug for what it was impossible to complete the Leggende tutorial.

Giocatore singolo

  • Increase the inventory of mercantile in Nuova partita +.
  • Resolve some serious problems with new dialogs and new features in modal giocatore singolo.

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