Ghost of Tsushima was a great sales success


One of the biggest hits two years ago play station y Sucker punch, Ghost of Tsushima, a game that was not believed at first because of its samurai premise. And once it sold it wowed locals and strangers alike, as a result, it recently hit a new sales milestone which isn’t bad for a new IP.

Through social networks, the developers of this game have published some images with statistics, where the number of players, the number of development hours, among other interesting data are mentioned. They clearly highlight how many copies have been distributed worldwide, confirming that the title is currently sold. 9.73 million copies.

This weekend marks two years since #GhostOfTsushima was released! We have been blown away by all the support since then and are grateful to you all! Thanks to everyone who played and shared this journey with us! These are just a few of the amazing statistics since launch.

It is worth mentioning Ghost of Tsushima Last year there was a second wind, from an edition Director’s Cut for PlayStation 5, with quality improvements and a new expansion. This helped sales take off again, with many users even repurchasing the title to play it in its entirety on the new console.

Remember video games Sucker punch Available at PS4 y PS5.

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